Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Metal Beads Class

I'm really excited about the class I'm taking tomorrow. It's called "Making Metal Beads" and it's held in Milwaukee at the Bead & Button Show. I'm going to improve my soldering technique, and then I'll be able to incorporate that into my jewelry making.
It's a major step for me, and I'm eager to make progress in crafting jewelry. I've done some work with a torch before, I ball earwires and headpins with my trusty torch, and I've soldered a few pairs of metal earrings for myself and as gifts, but I haven't offered anything soldered for sale yet.
Making my own metal beads will open up a lot of design possibilities. It's going to be fun, wish me luck, please!
I'll be blogging about the class, and hopefully have some pictures to share later this week. Thank you for reading my blog.
Wishing you all the best,


nomadcraftsetc said...

Have a lot of fun at your class! It sounds like you are going to learn a ton! Enjoy!

rabbitwhiskers said...

This is interesting! I know nothing about jewelry making. The idea of using a torch & soldering something sounds scary to me. I admire you for doing it. I hope the class is great~ looking forward to seeing what you learn.Best wishes!! (I love your silver cherry leaf earrings)

DalkullanJewelry said...

Thanks so much Nomadcraftsetc and RabbitWhiskers! The class was a lot of fun, I successfully finished a pair of earrings with a lot of solders, and the instructor was awesome.