Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pro Tips on Creating a Successful Etsy Shop

I was reading through the Forums this morning, coffee cup in hand, when I stumbled upon some wonderful advice from Holly of Five Little Gems -- beaded jewelry designs .

Holly makes gorgeous jewelry, this is her Chunky Seafoam Crystal and Pearl Multistrand Necklace.

And this is her creative, cute and fun Silver Watering Can Long Necklace.

Holly handcrafts romantic beaded jewelry creations in crystal, pearl, glass, and gemstone beads.  She has many styles for brides, bridesmaids, formal and every day wear!. You'll find beaded wire and wire crochet necklaces, beaded bracelets, charm necklaces and simple earrings. Have a question about something or a custom order request, just convo her for more info.

Holly also makes statement gemstone jewelry at Rocktopolis
and scrapbook and paper creations at The Cropping Block
You can also follow Holly at Facebook for insider info and sales and giveaways.

Holly runs three successful Etsy shops, and also is raising 5 children, in ages from 3 to teen years.  Truly an inspiration!

Here are the great tips from Holly on how to have a successful shop on Etsy:


"Want some pro tips?

1. don't worry about your banner right now, it really doesn't matter as much as people seem to think. it's a nice, polishing touch, but it's not going to get you sales and it's not going to pull people into your shop.
2. don't worry about your avi right now. put whatever you want there. people say a professional avi is of utmost importance. i get more business when i have my ridiculous cat/neck model one up there. :D
3. don't worry about treasuries right now - if ever. people put too much stock in those. i was on several power treasury teams. i sell more now that i quit them.
4. worry about your seo/relevancy first and foremost and get your titles and tags situated asap!
5. worry about your photos. this is how you put your best foot forward. you don't need a fancy camera. i don't have a fancy camera. you just have to figure out how to use the one you have. it can be done. my photos definitely didn't look as good as they do now when i first started. we all have to start somewhere! oh, and yes, use all your photo slots. and the whole white background/no white background argument. white works. it's a fact. but what's most important is having a clean, uncluttered background that doesn't detract from your subject. you can have the giant redwoods looming in your background, just so long as they're blurred and the focus is on your item, not your background
6. don't listen to all the advice given to you in the forums. not all of it is good advice.
7. never stop working on your shop
8. believe in yourself - if you don't, you will fail
9. read read read - etsy forums (you'll start to recognize who the valuable ones are you should listen to and look for posts from in the forums after you've been here a bit). etsy's blog - TONS of good info there on how to get your shop ship-shape
10. have fun doing this. if it's not fun, then it's a chore, and it shows.
11. don't take things here too personally. people online don't know you. try not to let them hurt your feelings. some are actually trying to help you. and some are just nasty. but none of them should be given the power to upset you, and only YOU can give them that power.
12. list list list list list. the more lines you have in the water, the more fish you're likely to catch. there is no magic number. there is no such thing as having too many pages of things in your shop. just keep working at it. if what you're making isn't selling, then make something new. you never know what magic item is going to get you noticed.
13. don't worry about the front page. been there, done that. it really didn't have as much of an effect on my business as actually WORKING on my business did.
14. find some etsy friends. real etsy friends are invaluable. it took me awhile to find some tried and true and honestly, i find myself needing to talk to them on a daily basis and i miss them when they have the nerve to go on vacations and such. lol. but no one understands your dilemmas here more than a fellow etsian. and it's nice to have someone to lean on who understands you.
15. don't listen to all the advice given to you in the forums. not all of it is good advice. yeah, i know, i said this already. it's important.

now pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get to work! you have a lot to do! and welcome to the wonderful world of etsy, where dreams really CAN come true. :)

one more little snippet of advice. take it one step at a time. don't try to tackle it all, and don't feel defeated if you get halfway through one thing and have to work on another. i've retaken my photos no less than 7 times in my 3.5 years here, and each time i start anew it's before i've even finished the last. happens when you have 300-400 items in your shop. :) and when things like relevancy rear their ugly head and you have to drop everything to pay attention to that.

Rome wasn't built in a day! neither were the vast majority of successful shops on etsy! "


Thanks so much Holly for graciously allowing me to quote you, and for all the help and encouragement you give to others -- you are really a gem!

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog, I appreciate it!  Please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear from you. :)


EMackk said...

Holly has awesome advice - I've turned to her time and time again, she tells it like it is!

Eileen said...

I ran across your blog and this post and thought what great advice you have. I have a store, started a blog a year ago so still learning, and although I do not sell on the internet - I have customers that do. I get many questions about selling their jewelry - I will refer them to your site. Thanks so much

DalkullanJewelry said...

Hi Eileen, thanks so much! :)

Handiworkin' Girls said...

Very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing!