Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Won A Raffle!!!!!!

My church held a fund raiser for our new parish school, and I bought 20$ in raffle tickets, never expecting to win anything. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from the parish office, telling me I'd won a basket of scrapbooking goodies.
It's a bushel basket full of swag, all kinds of scrapbooking supplies, so heavy I could barely carry it out to the car. This is the first time I've ever won anything. If you've won a contest or raffle, please tell me about it, I'd love to hear from you!


Angela said...

woohoo! Way to go! I never win anything in raffles either. But you majorly scored! You know who has good luck is Hailey, she just won her school raffle on Tuesday, it's her second time this year! She won a dinner at TGIF's and a pencil :0)


Heather said...

Way to go Hailey!
I'm hoping to win a Golden Ticket next.