Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New Business Cards!

I just ordered business cards for Dalkullan Jewelry. I wanted something bright and sunny, and also with a flower. This sunflower picture really fills the bill and I'm very pleased with the blue and yellow color scheme, just like the flag of Sweden.
Now I'll be able to put a business card in with every order I fill (when I start filling orders, I'm still waiting to make that elusive first sale.)
Having an online business is a lot of fun. It's exciting to think of people all around the world having the ability to look at my jewelry creations. I just wish I could get the word out more effectively, there's so many people selling jewelry online. I'm definitely going to have to work harder at publicity.
On the 14th, I have a showcase spot on www.etsy.com, and I'm hoping to make some sales then.
I've got new designs to list. One is a beautiful bead, Swarovski and pearl multi-strand necklace with a heavy sterling clasp and handmade bead cones. I created some lovely earrings to match. It's an elegant parure, and I'm hoping some discriminating lady will enjoy wearing it soon!

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