Friday, October 9, 2009

Celtic Earrings -- Mixed Metal

The new creation on the Dalkullan block, Celtic Earrings, are completely hand fabricated. I used my trusty shears to rough out the brass triangle shapes, and then trued up the edges starting with a coarse file, then finer files, and finally with sand paper.

The next step was doming the metal with a wooden punch and dap set. I didn't want to use my metal daps, because I only wanted a slight doming. My wooden dap set is made for watchmakers to smooth out the dents in watch backs, and has a gentle curve, Having a bit of a curve in the metal gives the earrings a
pretty look, don't you think?

Next I moved on to making the center motif, which I constructed from 20 gauge sterling wire, carefully coiling up 3 swirls for each earring. I soldered them together to form the motif, then hammered them on my bench block, and finally dapped them in the same dap I used on the brass triangles, so that the two curves would match exactly.

A final soldering mated the sterling motif to the brass triangles. I used a hand drill to pierce the holes for the earwires, which I'd made earlier, and then popped the earrings into my well loved tumbler for a few hours of polishing.

I'm planning on doing more Celtic designs, they're certainly classic, and I like the flowing lines and beauty of them. Hope you do to!


Michele said...

WOW! I love how you describe the process, so interesting. Love these earrings, they are like the triskel tattoo that I have!

DalkullanJewelry said...

Thanks so much Michele! I didn't realise that was called a triskel, very interesting. I think the earrings would look adorable on you. (-:

Claudia said...

This appeals to Irish part of me. I like Celtic designs, too. Have you done any research on ancient Celtic designs? -

DalkullanJewelry said...

Hi Claudia, thanks so much! I'm part Irish, too, some of my ancestors are from County Cork, would love to visit Ireland someday.

I haven't done any research on ancient Celtic designs, but I'm definitely going to in the future. I'm planning on bringing out more designs using Celtic motifs in the future, stay tuned for further developments. (-: