Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harvest day in the garden

This year I wasn't able to get outside and garden as much as I would have liked, in fact, the garden had to run on auto-pilot this year.  That, coupled with the dreaded Japanese beetle, resulted in a pretty small harvest from the garden.

But we did get some lovely grape tomatoes, which were kind enough to seed themselves around the compost pile.  The compost pile is always a source of surprise plants.  :)

Now that it's Fall and the beetles are gone, the roses are blooming again.  And there's always the hope of next year, and hopefully a glorious garden.  And now, the glorious colors of Autumn.

Thanks for dropping by, wishing you a blessed week!


PoetessWug said...

Looks to me like a beautiful, fragrant, and colorful yield! Wishing you more of the same for next year!! :-)

DalkullanJewelry said...

Thanks so much PoetessWug, the harvest was tiny, but appreciated, that's for sure.

Holly said...

The photos alone were worth your effort. They're gorgeous! Happy gardening to you. ;-)

Kellie Collis said...

What a gorgeous harvest! The tomatoes look amazing! Enjoy the weekend, Kellie xx

DalkullanJewelry said...

Thanks so much Holly and Kelly! Hope you both have a marvelous week. :)